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With offices located across North America, Asia and Europe, CoVentured has an extensive global reach into smart, driven, successful emerging technology regardless of where it is.

Our mission is to help corporates solve the problems that their internal teams can’t fix or existing suppliers are unable to. Our corporate clients are global and to date our scaleups and emerging businesses have been sourced from 97 countries. We believe in the startup ecosystem and know that it is exceptionally capable of providing solutions to corporates. We understand the challenges that emerging and scaling businesses face in becoming successful. So with support from AusIndustry, CoVentured has created a series of free courses to help scaleups and emerging businesses attract global corporates and customers.


Message from our CEO

“After years of listening to founders discuss the key challenges they face in scaling their businesses, we are excited to provide courses that target several recurring themes. The courses’ content leverages the knowledge and experiences of industry experts who have built, and managed successful businesses selling products and services globally.”

Anthony Johnston

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CoVentured intimately understands the challenges startups face to become successful.

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    Best Industry Leaders

    Our courses have been developed by a diverse team of people with decades of experience in creating commercial success for Startups.

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    Learn Online at Your Own Pace

    Our self-paced courses give you the flexibility to decide on the place, pace and timing of your learning experience.

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    Show off your new credentials with a digital certificate of completion and add a badge to your LinkedIn Licenses & Certifications.


Our course content is not from a textbook. It’s from our collaborators’ own experiences as Startup founders, company Directors and subject matter experts.


Our self-paced courses sometimes involve an instructor who provides feedback, but typically it’s a fully automated experience with a mixture of methods and practices, including online tests, presentations, events, informational videos and diagrams. This flexibility best aligns with hectic schedules.


Several of our courses include assessment tasks which are typically computerised but in some cases an instructor will be available for Q&A sessions.

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