P4IM Course 3 – Global Business

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So you have the innovation bug. Your Startup team have been working on prototyping, early business validation and you have your MVP ready to be let loose on the world!

Welcome to the “Productioneering for International Markets (P4IM) Masterclass. The P4IM is delivered as 3 courses, which can be completed independently. Each course contains a number of key lessons covering the most important elements of consideration in taking your product to global markets.

We recommend that you complete both the P4IM Course 1 – Product Management and the P4IM Course 2 – Operational Excellence prior to starting this final component.

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Taking your product overseas can be appealing. However, the international expansion journey can be treacherous.

Between establishing a fresh customer base, learning new laws and regulations, finding trustworthy partners, and becoming familiar with the local customs, the road to becoming a global company is difficult to navigate.

While not every product business is fit for such a challenge, many are.

Before you decide to make the leap overseas, you need to consider many factors.

This course explores those factors including: